Mollare Windows

Un articolo interessante (anche in virtù della testata su cui è pubblicato), che mette insieme parecchie delle ragioni per cui (a suo tempo) mi sono allontanato velocemente da Windows per non tornare più.
Compie tra l’altro opera meritoria, mettendo in chiaro un po’ di cose, tra cui la fondamentale mancanza di tempismo riguardo ai tablet (ed è strano, perché ciò che traspare in altri casi dalla storia di Microsoft è invece un’assoluta capacita di prevedere l’andamento del mercato prima di tutti, o quasi):

Bill Gates was right, there was a market for tablets. Unfortunately, most of those tablets would be powered by operating systems made by Apple and Google.


Windows RT is certainly a better choice for tablets, but that’s because what you have is the illusion of Windows, rather than the real thing. If Windows RT had come out at around the same time as the iPad, and the software ecosystem matured at the same pace, then Windows RT would be a real contender, but as it stands right now there’s little reason to choose it over iOS or Android.
Unless, that is, you want something that look like Windows. Which I don’t.

e come il gaming su PC sia di fatto diventato una nicchia:

While the graphics don’t match up, and the gamepad is no substitute for the keyboard and mouse, the years of hassle-free gaming that a console offers, free from driver and patch headaches, more than makes up for the deficiencies.

Stay Tuned,


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